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Corporate Video of Santex Internacional

Santex Internacional is a company specialised in the import of single-use labour protection articles, becoming one of the leading import companies in Spain.

Its distribution platform, located in the logistics activities area of the port of Barcelona, guarantees the reception and subsequent distribution of its articles in an efficient manner, offering its customers a convenient and fast service, guaranteeing national deliveries in a maximum of 48 hours.

In addition to offering an unbeatable delivery service, it has permanent stock in its central warehouses at all times.

Santex International product offer

Among its offer, the nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves stand out, as well as one of the most complete ranges in single-use clothing. Santex is a specialist in the manufacture and development of refreshing wet wipes for the HORECA sector, following the avant-garde line in the marketing of cups, glasses and pitchers in unbreakable polycarbonate and offering the widest range of this material on the market.

Santex’s commitment to quality and service leads it to collaborate only with manufacturers that comply with all the regulations required by the European Union regarding articles for labour protection.