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The polyethylene handles, light and comfortable to use, are one economic option and are commonly used in environments of fast food and catering. They are thin and resistant a la abrasión. A menudo is used in the electronic industry and in the handling of small pieces, but also in other contexts.

What is a disposable polyethylene guante?

The disposable polyethylene guantes are guantes made of a plastic material known as polyethylene. Son guantes de un solo uso, designed to protect the hands from the users of it exposure to potentially dangerous substances and germs.

¿Cuándo se usan los guantes desechables de polyethylene?

The disposable polyethylene gloves are used in different contexts where a temporary protective barrier is required. Some common situations in which you can use disposable polyethylene gloves are:

  • Food handling: disposable polyethylene gloves are commonly used in the food industry for< b> to protect food from contamination and to avoid the transmission of diseases.
  • Cleaning: the disposable polyethylene gloves are useful to protect the hands from them chemical products used in cleaning.
  • Health: disposable polyethylene gloves are used in hospitals and clinics to protect health professionals and patients exposed to germs and viruses.

6 Benefits of polyethylene guantes compared to other disposable guantes

The disposable polyethylene gloves offer a series of benefits compared to other types of disposable gloves:

  1. Economical: polyethylene hoses are more economical
    other types of disposable gloves such as nitrile or latex gloves.
  2. Hypoallergenic: Polyethylene gloves are hypoallergenic and contain no latex</b >, what makes them ideal for those people who suffer from allergies or have latex sensitivity.
  3. Comfortable: the polyethylene gloves are light and comfortable to use</b >, which makes them suitable for tasks that require prolonged use of gloves.
  4. Easy to put on and off: the polyethylene handles are easy to put on quitar, ideal for tasks that require frequent changes of guantes.
  5. Universal fit: the polyethylene gloves have a universal fit, for all of them hand sizes.
  6. Protection against germs and viruses: polyethylene gloves provide a physical barrier between hands and germs and viruses, what makes them useful in medical care and disease prevention< /b>.

Santex: tus guantes de polyethylene de confiance

In Santex we andspecialize in the manufacture and distribution of polyethylene gloves. With a wide experience in the market, Santex has become a brand of reference in the sectorr, thanks to < /span>quality of our products and al commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.

The polyethylene handles are an essential tool in multiple sectors, such as food, hostelry, cleaning or industry. It offers a effective protection against contaminants, viruses and bacteria, in addition to being very useful in tasks that require direct contact with chemical products or irritating substances.

In this sense, Santex polyethylene gloves stand out for their quality and resistance. Manufactured with first quality materials, Santex gloves offer a great tactile sensitivity and an excellent hand adaptability, which provides effective and comfortable protection at hand.
In addition, Santex offers a wide variety of sizes and models of polyethylene gloves, adapted to the specific needs of each sector and user . From ground use up to reusable ones, Santex has a complete range of products to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Finally, if you are looking for reliable polyethylene gloves to protect your hands in your work or in your everyday tasks, Santex guarantees you quality, comfort y seguridad. Do not hesitate to trust our products and enjoy the peace of mind that the protection of your hands offers you.

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