Our Company


Since its foundation in 1999, Santex International has become one of the main importers of exclusive general industry and hospitality products.

Santex International exclusively imports and distributes all our products. Our formula for success consists of collaboration with the best manufacturers of each product in order to guarantee a firm line of quality and service.

In a market that is increasingly demanding, product quality is one of our main completed objectives.

Santex International is able to offer unbeatable door-to-door delivery service because we have a permanent stock of all our products in our 7000 m2 central warehouses. This places Santex among the best in the European market.

The distribution and sale of our products is done exclusively through our network of distributors.

Santex offers our clients after-sales support Monday through Friday to respond to any questions or requests regarding our products, catalogue delivery, and digital images in various formats for catalogue development, websites, mailings, etc.

SANTEX, the best solution