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Santex offers the most complete range of unbreakable polycarbonate glasses, cups and pitchers on the market.

We sell the best polycarbonate because our manufacturer meticulously selects the best raw materials and uses the most advance technology. The result is a maximum quality product with an unbeatable finish.

Our glasses, cups and pitchers are elegant and practical, will last up to 500 wash cycles, are microwave safe, and suitable for temperatures between -40ºC and 120ºC.

They are totally unbreakable, recyclable, have exclusive designs, and are as transparent and odourless as glass.

Without a doubt, they are the best option for Night Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Beach Clubs, Terraces…

They are also used in Schools, Industrial Dining Halls, Nursing Homes…

We have 5 lines of glasses with exclusive designs.

The Penthouse Line includes a water pitcher with lid and 7 glasses with different capacities for consuming beverages and soft-drinks.

The New York Line includes two shot glasses, two Collins glasses, and one Old Fashioned glass.

The London Line includes glasses specially designed for drinking beer like pint glasses or draft beer glasses.

The Paris Line includes the complete range of high quality designer glasses for after-dinner drinks.

The Milan Line includes four glasses that are practical for all types of beverages and a pitcher exclusively designed for consuming water, beer, sangría…