Disposable coveralls

At Santex Internacional we are specialists in the manufacture of disposable Coveralls

Disposable single-use coveralls

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InSantex we are a company ofmanufacture and distribution ofsingle-use products for businesses and companies.We are specialized in disposable gloves, wipes, cups and single-use clothing.

All our products are characterized by having a high quality, guaranteeing the safety of all users who use them in their different jobs. Most clothing products are made of polypropylene, a durable, non-toxic and odorless material that achieves incredible electrical insulation.

Our extensive catalog includesgowns, masks, aprons, bibs and disposable hats, as well as shoe covers and disposable coveralls.

Our objective is to be the complete solution for businesses that require single-use clothing, which is why we work with the objective of guaranteeing protection and comfort.

What are disposable coveralls?

Disposable coveralls are one of the most common protective garmentsthat exist, because they fully protect the body of the person who wears it. Besides,they allow a lot of mobility and are usually light and comfortable,since it is still a wardrobe that is worn to work, regardless of the type of task that is carried out.

The particularity that defines disposable overalls from those more common work overalls is that they are prepared to be worn only once, that is, they are to be used and thrown away. Therefore, they are indicatedto ensure safety and hygiene in various work environments, since they work as a kind of barrier between the user and his environment.

They are especially useful in industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, but also for cleaning professionals, because they allow the possibility of coming into contact with products that are harmful to the skin without being in danger. That is to say,its objective is to protect the worker from possible chemical, electrical, mechanical, biological or thermal risks.

Santex is proud to offer disposable coveralls thatmeet the highest quality and safety standards, guaranteeing that users are protected from dangerous substances, polluting particles and other occupational hazards.

Types of disposable coveralls

Depending on the manufacturing materials or the work environment for which they have been designed, we can divide disposable overalls into:

  • Chemical protection overalls:these monkeys are usuallydesigned to maintain protection against hazardous substances, such as acid, and may be coated with fluorocarbon, as this material acts as a protective barrier.
  • Clean room overalls: Generally, these overalls are used in technological environments and their function is to prevent the release of particles that could damage the products.
  • Fire resistant overalls: In those industries where there may be a risk of explosions, flames or intense heat, using flame retardant coveralls is a vital safety issue.
  • Multi protective overalls: This disposable coverall model is usually made ofpolypropylene and is indicated to protect against various scenarios.

Advantages or benefits of using disposable coveralls

  • They offer excellent protection.The use of a disposable coverall serves as a hermetic and protective barrier against liquids, aerosols and other types of materials that can irritate the skin or cause reactions in the body.
  • Endurance. They offer a lot of resistance to possible tears or abrasions, so they maintain their protective properties even in the most critical moments.
  • They are comfortable. Most of the materials used to manufacture this type of overalls are comfortable and flexible, although they are resistant. This allows to provide optimal comfort and efficient transpiration.
  • Maintain hygiene and safety. The disposable monkey nor stick to particles or fluids, so avoid cross-contamination or spread of particles.
  • Increase labor efficiency:By protecting against potential risks, you ensure effectiveness and thereby increase efficiency. In addition, by using disposable overalls, the maintenance and washing time of garments is reduced. In this sense, its use also means a reduction in laundry costs, that is, in electricity and water.

In conclusion,Santex disposable overalls are an optimal solution to guarantee the protection of workers in all types of industries. In fact, in many sectors the use of protective overalls is mandatory to comply with regulations and occupational safety standards. Trust Santex and experience the quality and protection provided by their products!

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